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Vehicle Security
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In-Car Entertainment

Reversing Sensors
Remote Door Locking Systems
Satellite Navigation
Auxiliary Lighting
Hazard Lighting
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Standard vehicle alarms (remote control) securing the vehicle and its contents with door, boot, bonnet, and glass protection as a minimum standard with the convince for the factory or added central door locking operating along with the alarm via the remote control or even tied into the manufactures remote control.
P/N 863
Fleet Management Tracking
Complete range of 24volt alarms and immobilisers.
Mobile Communications
Hands free car kits and fix cab phones.
THB - Brodit
Now available is a range of  cradles to use with the above units or factory fitted kits to hold and charge your hand portable and even enhance you signal strength.

Cradeled Car Kits
Designed mainly for the business and hi performance user, these car kits hold and charge your mobile phone with enhanced signal strength, great for the professional User.
THB Bury Take n Talk
THB use an installed base unit with interchangeable cradles, so when you change  or use a different phone you can just slip in a new cradle. Contact us for the extensive range of cradles to fit your hand portable.
Fixed Cab Phones
Mainly used by lorry and haulage contractors who donít need or like hand portable phones. These are fixed to the vehicles dash or centre consul and canít be removed by the driver, they give maximum performance with boosted signal strength large buttons and display.

Road Runner

Fixed phone with 2 watts in extra power unbeatable performance, robust design, large display and keys ideal for the transport and agricultural markets, No more lost or damaged mobile phones.
In Cab Entertainment & Multimedia
Radio / CD Players, Digital tuners, Speaker Upgrades, TV & DVD Players, Free View or Satellite recovers.
Satellite Navigation (portable units, we always recommend)
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Especially designed for use in lorries warning of low bridges weight restrictions congestion charge zones etc  and routing you around them.
Hazard Lighting
Beacons, Beacon Bars, Strobe lighting etc.
Additional lighting for safety, loading at night or just making your lorry look individual.
Auxiliary Lighting
Commercials and Lorries
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