There are many different devices available to get hands free mobile phone use in your vehicle(s), after extensive testing of all the equipment available Auto Installations recommend the manufacturers below as its preferred brands.

Get in contact with us to discuss the best solution for the way you want to use your phone legally and safely on the move, and as with all products supplied and fitted by us at a very competitive price.

This is a wireless connection which allows hands free calls from your hand portable with speech via the vehicles speaker system for clear sound.
Parrot CK3000
Hands free car kits with benefit of voice dialling, phone book memory dialling, automatic connection to your hand portable, up to 5 phones can be tuned in. Available with or without a clear and easy to use screen. We can also make use of your vehicle steering wheel controls to make and receive calls (vehicle dependant)
With all the benefits of the above plus the facility of up to 10 phones and being able to stream music via a ipod, iphone, usb port, mp3 jack or even via Bluetooth.
A good alternative to the parrot system with very similar features as well as multiple calls handling audible text message read out and choice of screen illumination colours to match your vehicle.
Parrot CK3100
Parrot MKi 9000
Parrot MKi 9100
Parrot MKi 9200
THB 9060
Other Car Kits supplied by Auto-Installations
NEW to the hands free range is an OEM factory style of car kits, these are an installed hideaway unit that turns your factory radio/sat-nav unit in to a full hands free device using the original display and steering wheel controls, some also available with music streaming for ipods iphones and usb devises.
OEM Handsfree Solutions
THB - Brodit
Now available is a range of  cradles to use with the above units or factory fitted kits to hold and charge your hand portable and even enhance you signal strength.

Cradeled Car Kits
Designed mainly for the business and hi performance user, these car kits hold and charge your mobile phone with enhanced signal strength, great for the professional User.
THB Bury Take n Talk
THB use an installed base unit with interchangeable cradles, so when you change  or use a different phone you can just slip in a new cradle. Contact us for the extensive range of cradles to fit your hand portable.
Fixed Car Phones
Mainly used by lorry and haulage contractors who donít need or like hand portable phones. These are fixed to the vehicles dash or centre consul and canít be removed by the driver, they give maximum performance with boosted signal strength large buttons and display.

Road Runner

Fixed phone with 2 watts in extra power unbeatable performance, robust design, large display and keys ideal for the transport and agricultural markets, No more lost or damaged mobile phones.
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